Friday, June 21, 2013

Day three Playing in San Blas June 15th, 2013

Today Saturday June 15th, I woke up before everyone and made espresso.  Then Guillermo got up and made the rest of the coffee and we started making breakfast.  Same stuff as yesterday, minus the eggs.
     Then around 9:30 5 of us decided to go with Apio on his Kuna canoe to his island called Frio Azucar about 40 minutes away and close to the mountainous mainland.  We got to his 200yard by 200 yard island and started walking around he told us to meet him back in one hour.  This island was completely different from the traditional Kuna indian village.  The people were more modern and had music playing and none of the women had the colorful clothing with the leg and arm bracelets on.  But they were even more friendly than the kuna's we had stayed the night with.  We played soccer with the kids, took photos, bought drinks, talked to people, and they followed us around all over.  The highlight of my day.

     Then we met back at the boat and got ready to go, and Apio loaded some huge cangrejos (crabs) and langostino's (lobster) onto the boat.  Then we headed back to the boat.  A friend of his was broke down on his boat so we gave him a ride, then headed to some other huge catamaran to drop off the crabs and lobsters, I thought they were ours.  Bummer.  Then we headed back to the boat.  After a while we ate lunch of brochette and salad..very tasty.  Then we waited for Juan to take us to the Iittle island with two coconuts trees on it so we could snorkel around it, because there were some very nice reefs around it with very steep drop offs.  So we took off with Juan on the dinghy...James, conner, and I.  Then when we got there we snorkeled completely around the island and saw many nice fish.  Afterward the three of us decided to swim back to the boat which was almost 3/4's of a mile away.  So we took off, and it took almost an hour to get back to the boat.  When we got back I dropped off my snorkel and fins and continued to swim to a different island.  Then we dove off the ship a few times.  Then I showered and got ready for dinner.  We had to give Ludwig our paperwork for the processing through the shipping agent.  He wanted two copies of each document.  Then we hung out on deck and it started to drizzle, and we were getting worried that Apio would not show up  with the lobster, but he did around 5pm.  Biggest lobsters I have seen.   We all took picture with them.  Then we ate them around 7pm...even though they were boiled whole and extremely difficult to open.  But we enjoyed it, and also enjoyed the veggies, coconut rice, and garlic butter that went with it.  We talked about leaving for Cartagena at 5am the next day, then we helped the crew clean up and get things ready for an early hoisting of the anchor.  Then we went to bed. The photos kinda go with the story.

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