Sunday, June 9, 2013

I left the hotel in Santiago District at 7am.  Ate left over rice pudding and heated a powdered cappacuno, then headed out.  260km down the Panamerican highway.   The weather was perfect but the road was way too flat, straight, wide and busy for my motorcycle.  I just kicked back for a long boring ride.  Around noon I stopped for a mango, avacado lunch with yucca chips and a frozen yogurt for less than $2.  Talked to the guy at the fruit stand for a while who sold used hubcaps and fruit on the side of the road...nice guy. 

      The trip got a little crazier with each town as I got closer to Panama City.  I was shocked by the number of high rises here...I think it's much bigger than downtown Houston!  I drove straight to mcdonalds and ate and used the wifi to find a hostal on trip advisor.  I kinda got lost so I asked a taxi driver where Calle 50 was and he took me the whole way here even talked to the hostel for me to find the place, but I tipped him well.  The hostel is sufficient, even though I hate hostels...15$ for a bed, kitchen, wifi, shower..etc. this will get me through the night til tomorrow...although I found another 56 foot sailboat to take me for $130.00 less, but she wants to leave tomorrow..and I don't want to rush.  

I have to drop off a cell phone at the airport to be flown back to Isla Colon, and take care of some other business before I leave.  She said it was easier to leave from portobell than from Carti which is where Stahlratte leaves from, because there is a pier there.  But I am waiting on her to call me back because she wants to talk to the other three backpackers that are waiting to leave and would in turn be waiting an extra day for me to get there which I don't want them mad at me before I even get there.  Oops she just called...the crew is finding another boat, so she won't be leaving for a while...still got plan "A" the Stahlratte, although he still hasn't responded to my email since he confirmed my reservation.  Hmmm.

Photos: (description may not be in order)
The panamerican highway near Santiago District
The fruit and used hubcap vendor
My roadside lunch
My first view of the Pacific since 2001
Plantain truck fully loaded...if you follow him long enough he will drop a few.
Roadside businesses were growing towards panama city
The high rises as I crossed the bridge
My route on mapquest
The view one block from my hostel
The friendly taxi driver that helped me find the hostal
View from the hostal driveway
The hostal garage with my motorcycle inside
The villa venta surf hostal


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