Saturday, June 8, 2013

I left isla colon yesterday at 3:30 pm on the sand and gravel barge again.  I got to Almirante kinda late, 5:30pm but I took off for Chiriqui Grande anyway, which was 90 km away.  

I made it to Chiriqui Grande just as the sun went down and found a room for 18$ with fairly secure parking, although it was outside it was gated and I chained it.  I ate dinner on the balcony over the Caribbean ocean as the sun set. For 6$ I got a filete ajillado, or fish filet with garlic butter sauce.

I left Chiriqui Grande a little late...8am.  But it had already started to rain.  The weather was foggy, wet, but kinda nice, although I got cold in the mountains around Fortuna in my wet shorts and dry under my foul weather jacket so I put the hood on under my helmet.  I dried out between the rain showers, with all the wind.  Ate in a small town mini supermarket, got gas twice and stopped for several photos, but stayed pretty steady riding, around 80km per hour, but up to 110km/hr...285km in all.  Wet rainy roads made it dangerous.  Made it here to Santiago district around 2:30 and looked forever for a room.  Finally found one in the old part of town for 12$ "Santiago Hotel" over 100 years old, without a/c, hot water or internet...goodbye Tesoro Escondid...but my moto is right outside the door chained.  I ate at mickey d's $9 for a big mac meal xtra cheeseburger, fries and applepie...Tenia un hambre.  I was hungry!  Came back and rode my moto up the steps to get it back into the hotel....thats a first...then walked back here to internet cafe.  Tomorrow...the panama canal, and panama city...lunas hostel

Photos are:
Jasmin yesterday saying bye in the white shirt
Sylia's memory photo in the purple shirt yesterday
Me on the sand and gravel ferry leaving Isla Colon yesterday the 7th of June
A school on the side of the's the photo with the blackboard...zoom in.
Goats bunched up under a shed to get out of the rain...
A truck I passed that had just flipped over in the ditch, I offered to let them use my phone.
A road sign in Chiriqui
My moto with a nice view
A map of my route

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