Monday, June 10, 2013

Long story short...I spent my day doing police reports.  I had a wreck today.  Downtown a taxi and I were trying to share a lane, but he didn't give me my fair share of the lane, so I hit a guy that had stopped in all the construction with my saddlebag...uhoh.  Turned out he was from Virginia, retired US navy. Go figure.. Yes we beacame friends after waiting 6 hours on the transit police to show up, to document everything.  Ruined both our days.  Really felt bad for this guy, cause he was so nice, but even bad things happen for a reason.  Chingalade my saddle bag pretty bad though.  Shewt.
     So since we are both leaving the country the police said the court would get the insurance agencies to hash it out with the evidence provided and we wouldn't have to show up.  Shew.  Problem was he didn't have his passport so the cop swiped his license til he could get it.  So I told him to slip the cop $15.00 and offer a copy.  He chased the cop down with the money and of course he accepted the bribe.  Done deal.  Now rupert can leave the country with his license on the 1am flight tonight. :) sorry again Rupert.

PS:  got the confirmation email from Ludwig. Be at the pier 11:00am on Thursday in Carti.  Meet at Panama House hostel to group ride there.


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