Friday, June 21, 2013

Day four Under way! Sunday june 16, 2013

Sunday june 16, 2013
Anchors aweigh my boys, anchors aweigh.  Woke up to banging and clanging up ondeck, so I got up and got ready to go above.  I had two cups of coffee,but then the sea began to make the boat sway and roll the further we sailed away from the San Blas Islands.  So I got my prescription seasick medicine and took one.  Then I laid down on the lawn chair on the upper deck.  I then began to feel my usual queezy feeling get stronger and stronger so I skipped breakfast, and I watched them all eat from my lawn chair three feet away from the main table.  As time went by I just hunkered down on my lawn chair for a hot sunny day, cause I had no place else to go.  I could go down below, but it was very hot and it makes the sickness worse, but the closer to the back of the ship and the closer to the center line the less movement you get,so I stayed on the lawn chair even after the sun cleared the tarp that was giving me some shade.  So I went below and got my towel and brought it back to the chair and covered my head and arms, leaving my legs to roast, which they did.  But I noticed Minh...he was smiling and happier than everyone else on board with that patch behind his ear, so I asked him if He had an extra, and he said yes, and I said with you, and he smiled and said noit's down below.  But neither of us wanted to go below so I just continued to suffer until an hour later I mustered the strength to get some left over lunch of lentils, carrots and potatos, then Minh Lord bless him, shows up with the patch, and I immediately thanked him and put it on.  From then on I was all smiles, just like Minh.  Minh is my new best friend, now I see why the accepted him into Harvard graduate school..he's got his act together.  So the rest of the day was good, and I ate some bowtie pasta and sauce for dinner, then went to bed around 9am. Thanks again Minh!  

Photos pretty much go with the story, except the one of Neils a crew member volunteer.  The rest are sailing photos, bowtie pasta dinner, and Minh.

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