Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day five Land Ho! Monday June 17th, 2013

Monday June 17th 2013

Today I woke several times in the early morning hours to the hull smashing into the waves and rain above, but I just went back to sleep, only to be awakened again by another hard slam.  Then around 7am I decided to get up and have a shower then breakfast.  It was great, so I had two helpings of eggs and a salami, cheese, tomato, and onion sandwich.  We were still under way, so I went up the stairs and stuck my head out and saw nothing.  Went back down and got clothes, took a shower  Then I saw land and eventually we got to the port entrance then to the anchorage area.  Fritz was already there with the 46' jacqueline.  So we took turns piling into the dinghy to go ashore to go to customs to get our passports stamped.  Then we went back to the pier and were dinghied back to the boat where we talked to the captain, paid our fees, and packed an overnight bag to stay in the hostel.  I also gave my speargun to captain Ludwig to give to Apio's Kuna grandson back in San Blas.    He seemed to appreciate the gesture and gave me a small discount on my passage.  From then on we said our goodbyes to the backpackers, the four Germans, Connor and Jay on the klr 650's from minnesota, Guillermo and Alisa from argentina and new york (but they live together in argentina), Minh from philly Harvard masters student,  david from Connecticut and his girlfriend from Holland, Juan from Spain, Neils from Germany, captain Ludwig also from Germany but has a home in Cartagena with his wife and daughter and has Captained the Stahlratte for twenty years, Tony, Steve and Judy from Pennsylvania on the harley and the couple from Germany and Switzerland, even though we will see the crew tomorrow morning after we clear our motorcycles through customs and bring them ashore.  Then we went on the dinghy back to shore.  The hostel we were gonna stay in was booked so we ended up at the green house hostel..just as nice or better.  It was just me and Tony from ohio who has been traveling for two years who stayed there.  Hi to all you guys who are reading this and sailed with was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I enjoyed sailing with you all.

So Tony and I ate some cheap but good pizza, then some italian ice cream, then headed back to the room and used the internet til midnight.  The hostal lady said she would wake us up at 6am and make us an early breakfast...they are really nice here..they will get a good trip advisor review...ciao tomorrow we unload the bikes after we go through vehicle customs.

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