Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day six Customs for the motorcycles June 18th, 2013

 Tuesday June 18th, 2013
 So I woke up and took a taxi and we met back at the dock where we got our motorcycles brought to us on a dinghy, yes a dinghy.  This part of the process we did not witness, because they loaded them on the opposite side of the boat where we couldn't see.  The one of the crew sat on the motorcycle inside the dinghy and motored them to the pier.  One by one after tying the dinghy to the pier we lifted them by hand onto the dock.  Then we rode to the customs office a few blocks away.  There we met a german guy, which I am assuming he was our shipping agent, because he definitely knew what he was doing and all our stuff was done while we waited an hour or two, and we paid nothing.  Then we had to go get insurance, which became an issue because the office we were told to go to didn't offer the temporal seguro or temporary insurance, so we went to the other office across town and their computers were down, and they told us to come back in two and a half hours at 2pm and they would be up.  Then she told us to try the other office, which I didn't realize was the office we had just come from.  So we drove there and realized it was the same office so we decided to call the captain since we had some time to kill to see if we could get our bags, which we did, back in the dinghy, back to the boat,bags in the dinghy, back tothe pier.  Loaded our bikes then headed to the insurance again.  Around 4:00pm we all had our insurance and we were completely legal.  The insurance prices were all different based on personal criteria and the moto size, but mine was around 20.00$ or 40,000 pesos, the harley 1400 and the klr 650's were around 25.00 each.  This was our only fee at customs.  Woohoo!  Then we decided to go eat, and followed steve and judy on the Harley, which was quite the sight, with all five bikes together and the extremely loud Harley leading the pack and all our saddle bags and backpacks stacked up, with american plates...we were all american, exept my plates are Yucatan Mexico.  Then we ate after riding around looking for a while, then we said our goodbyes and headed to our respective hostels.  There was a different guy at the hostel and he wouldn't let me park inside, which the girl who had said I could was not there, so I refused to park outside and told Tony I was leaving, but he decided to leave too. So we found public parking inside the walls of the Central district where thousands of tourists visit, and all the hostals and restaurants are.  The guy at the parking garage said he would help us find a place.  So we parked and we looked ata a couple of hostals, a guys house, an expensive hotel, etc, but couldn't agree on any one.  So the guy said we could sleep in the SUV parked on the lot and he assured us it would be okay.  So I was all about a cheap room, and it was getting late and I don't drive at night.  Then we left walking, and used the internet at "the balcon" a few blocks away, and got to know the owner from Spain and his girlfried from Brighton England, and they told us about how they met and started the business.  Very nice people.  Then we headed back to our "suv", but it had been hit by another car so they had to leave is what the guy said, so I told Tony I was leaving then the guy says you can sleep in a tent.  So I was so tired I just said whatever and put up the tent that the guy let me borrow and tony had his tent, and I had a sleeping bag, and slept great.  Except for the overly friendly dog and stray cats.  In the morning the guy brought us half an orange each and a cup of coffee.  Also a bucket of fresh water. Turned out not to be too bad. So I tipped the guy 5000 pesos in the morning.

Photos are of:
In the dinghy Ludwig in front, neils on the moto and juan driving
4 photos of loading the bike to the pier
The german guy at the customs office (our shipping agent)
The first insurance office
The second insurance office where we actually got our insurance
Us riding around looking for this restaurant
Our view from "el balcon" restaurant
Horse and buggy
The parking lot where we camped

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