Monday, September 2, 2013

Back in Houston

My hostal in Rurrenabaque.  Very nice family that runs the hotel. 

View from my balcony in Rurrenabaque.

Homeless indigenous people who get brought down river to trade stuff.

Pampas market in Rurrenabaque.  This was like the Walmart of Rurrenabaque.

Friendly puppy at the river banks. 

Jello eating monkey.  If you give him a jello cup he can peel the top off and suck out the jello. 

Pet monkey at the corner store.  It was a baby and didn't bite...yet.

Pet monkey at the corner store. 

Itzhak checking out the motorcycle.

This is Izhak from Israel who I sold my motorcycle to for $350.00 and a set of Judaica kosher collectible antique knives. He is married to a Bolivian woman and they have a baby on the way.  So this was more like a gift to him as the motorcycle was worth $1500.00 approximately

TAM is the airline that I used to fly to La Paz.  They are cheaper and have better planes than Amazonas airlines.

The plane taxing to the loading ramp.

Two friends from New Zealand. 

The plane taking us to Trinidad then on to La Paz. 

Last sight of the Beni River leaving Rurrenabaque. 

On the twin engine prop plane back to La Paz, where I will book a flight and get a ticket to Houston., which cost me $1250.00 last minute.

My last supper in La Paz at a restaurant called Casa de Argentina for $7.00

La Paz airport coffee shop.

Waiting at the La Paz airport

Beautiful snow covered Andes mountains. 

Last images of the Andes. 

Airplane food.

Main course.  

Flying over Cuba. 

Flying over Cuba I think

My new/used car .

Back in Houston.  All is well.  Thanks to everyone for the prayers, emails, and facetime/skype calls... You know who you are.  It's good to be back.  Hope to see you soon.  

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