Saturday, June 11, 2016

Thirty days in Thailand - days 6 & 7 It rained really hard this morning, a storm with plenty of lightning moved through then it rained til 9am or so. Then we jumped on the scooter with umbrellas in our left hands to go eat breakfast at Nuch's place. I had the Cow tome goom or shrimp soup with rice and cilantro, a common breakfast item here, kinda like frosted flakes because it comes in a bowl. So we set out to find a fishing opportunity once again. No luck. So we toured many of the resorts on the island and took photos. Then around 2:00 the phone rang. I was supposed to be at the german restaurant by 3:30 to go fishing for $2000 baht or $58.00. So I show up there on time and I was to follow a guy with a pony tail on his scooter to the rendezvous point somewhere on the island. So We finally get the and we walk down this trail to the ocean and way off in the distance is this guy crabbing. 10 minutes later I was shaking his hand "Taan" was his name And the pony tail guy was "Kay" and together we launched out to start fishing. We had to catch at least four squid so we headed over to island Koh Pea, no luck then to Koh Kahm, caught four squid on this weird lure with 20 points on the tail like a bunch of gaffs. We cut one squid up and saved the rest. We caught 5 small sized snapper looking fish. The best part was as the sun was setting the sky turned a dozen different colors and It was hard to realize I was in the gulf of Thailand fishing between a dozen tropical islands with two guys who spoke no english...and it was an amazing experience, one I will never forget. I have a translator app that translates english to Thai and pronounces it so I could communicate to them but all they could do was say a few words. One we all understood was Fai, which means lamp (my energizer 250 lumen head lamp), which they both were in absolute awe over. So I decided this may be an opportunity. So as we got to Taans house his wife asked me if I would like her to cook the fish for me in good English. I told her no but thank you. I told her we planned to have a good meal back at the German restaurant and I would have them there. So, I started to drive away on the motorcycle I called back to Taan to come down from the porch and I gave him the head lamp. He immediately put his hands together and bowed down to thank me. I Said something to him in Thai...That I had prepared...he smiled, nodded we shook hands and I Drove away. Fast forward to today. We had breakfast with Nuch and went over to the place we stayed the first two nights at to plan a final dinner of crab and the fish and squid I had caught. We had a great day riding around and going to the island of Koh Kham on the boat and walking around the island. Then we came back to the restaurant for dinner, and we had a table twenty feet from the crashing waves...the most beautiful plate of crabs I have ever seen, and I was told that they were from Taan. So I must say it was one of he top five greatest dinners I have ever had. Afterward my friend played his harmonica as we listened to the waves crash, and the dog howled along to the the three of us rode home on the scooter we stopped on the red clay road, turned off the motor and lights and the forest around us was lit up with thousands of light bugs...tomorrow we catch the boat to the mainland at 7am. Stay tuned for a video of the fishing trip. Its done, just can't get it to upload.

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