Monday, July 8, 2013

July 1st thru 7th 2013 Riobamba, ecuador to Lima, Peru

I have been on the move.  Trying to get to Cusco, I really want to get done with Machu Pichu and get to the Amazon in Bolivia after La Paz where it will be warmer 30 deg.  Celsius.

July 1st, 2013
Stayed in Riobamba, ecuador a second day.  Got my saddle bag rewelded for $2.00.  Shopped in the mercado.  Made a nice lunch.  Walked around town a lot.  Had cafe and dulce de leche from the Nescafe shop.
July 2nd, 2013
Cuenca, ecuador. 253km  said by to my Riobamba host family.   While leaving town went to pass a collectivo minibus and he decided to signal.. I hit the both brakes hard fully loaded, and started skidding for 20 or 30 yards and I was behind him and actually touched his back bumper with my front fender as I was sliding it was that close...but I never stopped, just kept going...shew, another close call.  Went 253km to Cuenca and Went to Papa Johns for free wifi.  Found Hostal Alternative on trip  Best Hostal yet.  Even changed my oil for free.  See my review here.  Made a great meal after a trip to the mercado.  Talked to an Australian doctor and a motorcyclist 10 months on the road from DC.  Great stay.
July 3rd, 2013
Loja, ecuador.  195km Panam hwy to loja, ecuador.  Beautiful ride, and best roads yet.  Cold, but a hot bowl of amazing Sancoche (yucca, chopped chicken bone, culantro, rhubarb, maiz on the cob...) at a roadside shack from the sweetest lady cured that for a while.   Loja, Not so lovely a place.  Although I got a room for 4$  a night on the square.  Built in 1900 and never remodeled.  Squeaky floor.  Interesting.  Nice family that operated it though.  Cheap and good food on the corner.
July 4th, 2013
Sullana, Peru 311km. Crossed the border in Macara.  3 hour delay...Aduana were at lunch? So I had lunch back in Macara.   Insurance (SOAT) was expensive, and the guys pitbulls tried to bite me in the back yard.  Made it to Sullana and found a room at "hospedaje sucre" for 20 sols for a room no hot water, internet, but at least I was in Peru.  Tuktuk's everywhere.  Not so nice drivers here.  People rude and arrogant on the road and at the shops.  Not impressed with Peru. Very dissappointed.  Hard hearted people.
July 5th, 2013
Chiclayo, peru.  260km Had to wait for stickers to be finished printing, I had made for 10$.  Didn't turn out that great. Left for Chimbote.  Desert sand wind, sand dunes, sand covered mountains, trash everywhere blowing in the wind all along the Pacific ocean.  I feel like I am in the movie with Mel Gibson called Mad Max road warriors.  I am waiting for some kid to pop out of the sand with a boomerang...strange place.  More of the same with the people here.  Guy wouldn't even serve me food from his street cart. Hmmmm? He just ignored me.  The lady next to him did though.  Strange mix here.  Watched an awesome band performance at a park near the hotel as the sun set.  Guy playing a flute and drums in the background.  Very cold here..nice room for 30 sols.  Getting lots of strange looks.  But some folks I talked to were nice.  The lady at the hotel put my sticker on her hotel front
July 6th, 2013
Chimbote, peru. 350km Finally found a room for 15 sols and had to park around the corner at the owners lot.  Didn't realize it til later, but I was two blocks from the pacific ocean.  Crazy place...very busy city.  Seemed okay though.  Ate chinese, and while there a young American girl with her Peruvian boyfriend just stared at me, never said anything.  Weird.  It's not like central America where you see tourists everywhere.  To see an American here is very unusual, or any foreigner at all for that matter.  Walked around the city alot.  Once I get to my room and park the motorcycle I never use it to ride around...too dangerous.  I see wrecks happen most every day.  The roadsides are more like cemetaries with all the crosses marking vehicle deaths.  It's pretty scary.  They don't even hesitate to pull into your lane to pass, and then they swerve at you once in your lane...frustrating.  Flashing your lights only makes it worse.
July 7th, 2013
Lima, Peru 440km. had the best Tamales in 10 countries this morning with greek olives and chicken inside.  I ate three and bought 3 to go.  Here they premake the espresso and serve hot water.  No milk ever.  Made it to Lima after a cold, foggy, overcast day of riding.  Lima is a nightmare for traffic.  I made it here, just hope I can make it out.  Hotel for 40 sols.  Mcdonalds for dinner.  Made friends with a lady and her daughter.  Wanted to know my story.  Exchanged info.  Checked out of hotel late.  Going only 30km to the outskirts of town to prepare for my trip to Cusco, and into the cold mountains.  Hmmmm.   Ready for the warmer amazon in Bolivia.

Sorry so many photos.  It's many days worth.  You will have to put the photo with the story..they are in chronological order.

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